What are clients have to say…

‘Jerrel Oosterlen of Miesiyu Sports is ALL about quality! Quality in every part of his training. Being a trainer myself I know how easy it is to let things slip. Jerrel doesn’t compromise for quality and he has the patience to stick with it until you understand WHY you need to do it the right way, which you rarely see with no nonsense trainers. He always makes sure that you have learned something each workout. These are the things that make him a great trainer and then I haven’t even mentioned the variety of skills he possesses, which is off the chart.’

Winston Ronde (53) Main Trainer Amsterdam Crusaders and Personal Trainer.

‘Being used to group training, with ever changing trainers and a lack of focus, dedication and personalisation, Jerrel Oosterlen of Miesiyu Sports truly is a relief. Training with Jerrel is a great experience. And whilst it absolutely is exhausting, you can have a laugh as well. He knows his trade and is a great guy. Within months I became stronger, fitter and improved my techniques. Highly recommended!’

Damian (45), investor and entrepreneur.

‘Jerrel Oosterlen of Miesiyu Sports is an experienced personal trainer who listens well to his clients and anticipates on their needs. He adapts his exercises to the level of a person and motivates you to challenge yourself to the max.’

Ika (62), Sporty Spice.

‘I never had any prior experience with the sport of boxing or other trainers, before trying out a class from Jerrel in 2016. So I can’t compare him to nobody else. But it has been five years and I’m still enjoying each class/training i take from him and I’m still learning a lot!!! The way he structures his classes combining cardio, footwork and technique with attention to detail, while explaining and letting you see and feel why certain movements will or simply won’t work. Will give you a good boxing workout as a beginner or someone with more experience. Just try it… you’ll see!!!’

Ryan (45), Salsa Teacher.

‘Jerrel Oosterlen of Miesiyu Sports equals a life changer, a listening ear, and also a mirror. Regularly you get a reality check. He truly is a source of positivity with which he’s able to get you out of a negative spiral. Above all he’s a professional who is dedicated to his clients every second of the day – even outside training hours.’

Frederique (27), Logopedist.

‘Jerrel Oosterlen of Miesiyu Sports is a good trainer with an eye for detail, who helps you step by step to get the best out of yourself. You will not only grow physically but also mentally, whether you are just starting out or have been exercising for years.’

Vincenzo (25), Software Developer.

‘Excellent personal training. Jerrel really cares and goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. Small and private gym that feels more personal than any other place I worked out so far. Highly recommended!’

Sanne (22), Designer.